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It's a bird, it's a plane!

I saw Superman Returns yesterday. Not bad... it is a likeable movie, though it didn't blow me away as it seems to have done for some other people. In my opinion, there was too much effort to put a "contemporary" spin on the classic versions. This is visible both in the visual effects (including costuming and lighting) and in the story development (particularly with regard to Lois, though I'll stay spoiler-free here).

So overall, I would rate the movie "slightly above average." I liked it better than X-Men III (which isn't that difficult a feat), but not as well as I liked Batman Begins. I tend to be more of a Batman fan than Superman anyway.

And of course I'm going to have to give points to any movie that casts Frank "Skeletor" Langella (even in a supporting role).

So if you're a fan of the old movies, comics, or cartoons... there is a chance you will find something here that will take you on that trip down memory lane (even if it's only the John Williams score). But these also aren't exactly the same characters you grew up getting to know.
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