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Election Day

Yay, election day! :) I always feel giddy after participating in the electoral process. Good times.

I would like to state my dissatisfaction with the new ballot format. This is the first election since we switched from punch cards to "fill in the box with this ball point pen." The boxes are ridiculously huge, too. Have you ever tried to create an evenly-shaded region on a piece of paper with a ballpoint pen? It's like scratching a lottery ticket with a toothpick. Many, many times.

I'd be perfectly happy going back to the punch cards. I never had a problem with a hanging chad, but apparently that system is too complex for the folks in Palm Beach County. So now we must all suffer the token "election reforms" designed to make it look like the election board is addressing their issue. Except when the "disenfranchisement" is such a blatant case of PEBKAC, is there really even a point?
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