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The buzz in town today was about President Bush's visit to Indian Hill (and mostly the effect his motorcade would have on Interstate traffic).

This got me thinking, and I know this will probably sound silly. But just knowing he's in town gives me a warm feeling of security. It's like have a patriarchal figure watching over you, and knowing he's in your corner if trouble rears its ugly head.

Intellectually, I know this flies in the face of what the founding fathers intended, and what the President should be. We're his boss, not the other way around. We should be ever watchful of all our leaders, not overly trusting. And of course I realize there's a segment of the population out there that isn't enthusiastic about him (as is the case with any official, really).

Maybe it's all that conditioning throughout grade school. Or all the movies in which a valorous President marshals forces to trounce the bad guys and protect those under his care. Or even a desire to indulge some sense of self-importance, being able to think "I helped make this possible with my vote."

It's not like I actually saw him today, or was even in the general vicinity through which he passed. Why should it matter so much whether he's ten miles away or five hundred miles away?

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