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Alright, now for a report on the weekend. Though I'm not sure if anyone reads this journal who wasn't there in person.

Since starting this new schedule, Saturday is my "early day" at work. On the plus side, this means getting out early to drive up to Columbus and watch He-Man Season One Volume Two courtesy of chronarchy. On the flip side, I only had about five hours of sleep the previous night. Thus Sunday night's slightly crazed journal update.

Saturday morning saw an icey coating on all of the unplowed, unsalted roadways (including the major highways), turning the morning commute into a veritable skating rink of chills and thrills. I miraculously made it to work on time, though the folks driving up from Kentucky were not so fortunate.

All of that wintery business subsided by the afternoon, however, and soon I was on the road to high adventure in the unfrozen North. Pulling onto the highway and passing under the "North - Columbus" sign, the radio started playing "Hang on Sloopy." A good travel omen if I've ever seen (or heard one)!

It's been a while since last I ventured to the old stomping grounds, and I was pleased to see the highway construction was finished and fruitful. For some reason we now have about ten miles of three lane highway in the middle of the farmland, which then turns back into two lanes before we reach any significant urbanization. Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work. :)

I reached chronarchy's house without incident, and was amused by Bruce Campbell in multiple media formats (seriously, I'm going to make sure I have leather work gloves stowed away before the apocalypse). Soon we were joined by singingwren and tesinth, and partook of six or seven hours of He-Man goodness. Break for a few hours of sleep, a hearty breakfast generously prepared by chronarchy, and then more He-Man. At last it was time for the long drive into the sunset.

Great fun indeed, both in terms of the content and the excellent company.

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