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"Does he seek to humble me with his newfound piety?" [Jan. 29th, 2006|04:27 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Return of the King Soundtrack - "The Ride of the Rohirrim"]

I am once again on a Tolkein kick, having spent the better part of a week working through the extended edition DVDs. I'm working my way (slowly) through The Silmarillion now. Good reading, though I was a little more attention could have been paid to the dwarves. I've always been rather fond of that mountain-dwelling people, even since I portrayed Gloin (father of Gimli) in our grade school play. :)

Once again it is New Year's Day. The Chinese New Year now. I think this is the third of one sort or another in the last three months? No wonder I'm starting to feel old.

No significant complaints, however. Just hanging out and relaxing for the most part this weekend.

[User Picture]From: chronarchy
2006-01-30 02:34 pm (UTC)
I don't generally recognize when one year ends and a new one begins. Years are things that grow shorter, not longer, so I don't try and keep up with them much.
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