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Election Day

Fun fun. I stopped by after work, sliding in about 20 minutes before the polls closed. Actually it was a pretty light crowd, which scares me when I'm voting against things (it's probably easier to round up fanatical supporters for a cause than people who care enough to go out and defeat it). All is well, though. Early returns indicate that the (few) things I voted for are winning, and the things I voted against are losing.

I have to admit, there is a certain power rush and sense of euphoria from an election that goes your way. I remember both of the Bush elections, and what a tranquil night of sleep I had when the early returns indicated victory. It's like "you can rest now, you've done well and don't have to worry as much about the next few years."

I'm definitely an election night returns junky. For the 2000 election, I was listening to the returns on a walkman while playing ping pong with neighbors in the dorm basement. Curse their lack of T.V. down there. Watching the map slowly fill up with reds and blues... it's like a major sporting event. The superbowl of American politics.
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